With the advent of easy data access via Trulia, Zillow, LBAR and PVA, home buyers have more information easily available literally at their fingertips. There are sites that claim to refer you to "top agents" but those agents have simply paid to be featured on those sites.

How do you choose when you are buying a service rather than a product? How can you be sure you are getting the competent representation you are paying for? When it comes to finding a buyer for your home, there is no substitute for experience.

It's never been more important to do the job right the first time. Becoming "shopworn" can happen in as quickly as a week. First impressions have never been more important.

When you know and understand the hopes and fears of the home buyer, it's easy to work with those fears rather than with pressure sales techniques.

Together we can:

  1. I will reveal the psychology behind the home buyer and how by understanding their fears and process, they will come to their own conclusion that your home is right for them.

  2. Review your home and devise a plan to sell your home for top dollar in the most logistically and well-executed way possible.

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