Finding the ideal home is a process, not an event. Making a great investment in a home you'll love living with takes time.

I truly believe I could show someone the perfect home on the first-day shopping and they would not buy it. Why? It is because they have not seen enough. They have not seen enough of the wrong houses. They don't yet know the market. They have not been through the process and fine-tuned expectations.

When you buy a car there is sticker prices and NADA guides. When you buy products there are reviews and multiple places to check prices and consumer sentiment; not true with homes. Each and every home is unique, even volume builder homes. There is location, condition, mechanicals, decorating updates, thousands of small details that only experience can identify.

I'll take you through the process. I point out the good and the bad including; resale-ability, floor plan, location, mechanicals, lot grade, roof, and overall own-ability.

As a buyer, my services cost you nothing but going it alone can cost you everything.

Since 1986, I have been learning and honing my intuition and knowledge about Lexington Kentucky. When it comes to the largest purchase most will ever make, doesn't it make sense to have the best guide and advice you can find?

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